Market Leaders in Explosion Protection

We are the BARTEC Americas’ team, a passionate group of people who offer the highest performing products and solutions in the explosion protection market.

Since 1994, BARTEC US Corporation has served North American customers with BARTEC products and services. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, we are the BARTEC Group’s exclusive sales office in North America.

BARTEC US also includes an engineering, manufacturing, and service location in Chicago, Illinois, home of the BARTEC ORB product line of petroleum analyzers.

BARTEC Group is a world market leader in explosion protection. We started 40 years ago with an innovative idea to prevent explosions at gas stations. Today, BARTEC Group runs as a global enterprise with a leading position in performance, customer centricity, and dedication.

Anthony Collins
Trace Heating

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Brennan Mayville

Exceeding customer expectations, despite unpredictable supply chains.

Corentin Thierry
Analyzer & Instrumentation

Analyzing and measuring today’s needs for a better tomorrow.

Dave Allen
Analyzer & Instrumentation

Offering our customers the best market solutions for analyzer measurements.

Edna Feliciano
Analyzer & Instrumentation

Creating an efficient process that aids both customers and BARTEC employees.

Eric Machuca
Enterprise Mobility

Driven to provide state-of-the-art industrial solutions for mobile workers in any hazardous area.

Hannah Truong

Provide accurate and prompt accounting support to BARTEC business partners.

Jaime Garza
Electrical Safety Solutions

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Jarrod Jones
Technology Center

Ensuring a quick turnaround in your mobile devices maintenance.

Jason Sewell
Analyzer & Instrumentation

Driven to engineer solutions to satisfy each individual customer’s specific needs.

Javier Garza
Electrical Safety Solutions

Providing solutions to help customers grow their business.

Joe Otoo
Analyzer & Instrumentation

Delivering reliable, safe equipment & support to our customers.

Maddie Cranford

Making it easy and efficient for our business partners to work with BARTEC.

Martin Solis
Trace Heating

Inspired and driven to create a great lasting impression on our customers.

Mateus Gonçalves

Developing the channels and providing the best experience for BARTEC Brazilian customers.

Michal Jamroz
Analyzer & Instrumentation

Making sure BARTEC customers come back home safely.

Jade Duan
Analyzer & Instrumentation

Focused on serving BARTEC customers to supply the best technical solutions for their needs.

Natalia Hernandez

Always ready to fulfill LATAM customer needs in Explosion Protection.

Nayely Gonzalez
Trace Heating

Providing customized heating solutions that make way for exceptional customer experiences.

Stefan Schaffer
President & CEO

Inspired by the goal to build the most customer-centric explosion protection company.

Tatiana Sarymova

Taking good care of our team so that they can do the same with our customers.

Tomás Mayorga

Building a digital bridge between customer needs and BARTEC products & solutions.

Ramuald Charniatsou

Improving operational efficiency for better customer service.

Lauren Hammelman

Placing BARTEC products and solutions at you fingertips.

Juan Luis Najera
Trace Heating

Supporting customers with Heat Tracing engineered solutions in a collaborative way.

Angel Lezama
Analyzer & Instrumentation

Building BARTEC's equipment to the highest standards.

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