The Origination of Explosion Protection

In the 19th century, electrical equipment was introduced into the industry and households. Since coal was a common source of energy, the occurrence of methane and coal dust in coal mining prompted the development of the basics of electrical explosion protection. The advantages of electricity were so convincing that intensive work was carried out to find ways to reliably prevent contact between explosive atmospheres and ignition sources from electrical equipment - thereby preventing explosions.

The Danger of Explosions 

Explosions are sudden, high-speed reactions that generate a dramatic increase in temperature and pressure. And because explosions only need a few ingredients, they represent a frequent danger to people, the environment, and assets. As a rule of thumb, these three factors can create an explosion:



There are many areas in production and many work places in which two preconditions for an explosion are fulfilled: the presence of oxygen (as part of the air we breathe) as well as the presence of flammable material. Typical examples include chemical factories, refineries, enameling plants, paint workshops, cleaning equipment, mills and storages for milled products, tank facilities and loading areas for flammable gases, liquids or solids, and many more.

Preventing Explosions

Because the prevention of explosions is so important, the respective rules and regulations are coordinated both nationally and internationally. They involve multiple stakeholders:


The knowledge and experience of manufacturers of explosion-protected equipment plays a major role in making the world a safer place. With more than 45 years of experience, BARTEC is leading this industry and offers itself as a great resource for customers who work in or with hazardous areas. 

Beyond Explosion Protection

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