HYGROPHIL: Reliability Redefined

Mastering the Challenges of Moisture Measurement in Industrial Processes

Presenting BARTEC's HYGROPHIL F, an innovative moisture analyzer with decades of operations in the intricate landscape of natural gas processing. Using patented technology, this simple and robust solution delivers higthened reliability and performance in measuring moisture down to ppb levels.


Step into a different world and discover the efficiency and reliability of the HYGROPHIL F and unlock the next level of moisture analysis.

Driftless Long Lasting Calibration

The heart of HYGROPHIL F lies in its advanced optical sensor and overall solid state design.

Even as the year passes, the measurement loop does not degrade providing up to 10 years of
service between calibration adjustments

Tailored Solutions for All Types of
Natural Gas Projects

When you install a HYGROPHIL F, you get more than a moisture analyzer. Our team our experts designs and builds an analyzer, sampling system and all related accessories tailored specifically to the application: Gas Well, Pipeline, Processing Plants, Biogas, Underground Storage, Sour Gas and many others.

Multiplexing Capability

Experience the convenience of multiplexing capability, allowing simultaneous analysis of multiple samples. One analyzer may be used to monitor the outlet of up to 3 dryer beds or monitor your lead and lag dryer to determine when it is time to change beds.

Benefits Across Industries

Increase Runtime Between Dryer

Repeatable and reliable monitoring of moisture enables switching dryers based on moisture load instead of time period which may lead to >10% increase in dryers runtime between regeneration.

No Calibration for Up to 7 to 10 Years

Enjoy peace of mind with the HYGROPHIL F's extended calibration intervals, reducing downtime and operational costs.

Reduced Operational Expenses

Between low recalibration needs, long lasting electronics/components and low maintenance requirements, the HYGROPHIL F helps reduce OPEX when switching from other probe style moisture analyzers.

Helpful Documentation and Resource Center

Delve into the HYGROPHIL F through our comprehensive collection of Documents and Guides. Each document provides information about how the HYGROPHIL is used, installed or performs. Lastly, ensure seamless integration and optimal understanding with our Manuals, Operating Instructions, and Guides.


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