Flameproof Enclosure DE8BC

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Product Overview


The DE8BC range comprises many standard sizes of enclosures manufactured in stainless steel 316L. The enclosures allow for utilization of standard electrical components inside.
Thus subsequent replacement and maintenance of the installed components is easy, and may be performed by skilled electricians.
If required, several enclosures may be assembled on a framework, with separate or common Ex e/i junction boxes. The enclosures can be delivered empty with U- component certificate or supplied fully assembled according to client demands.


  • Flexible product range with many standard sizes and up to 36 kV AC
  • Ingress protection IP66 to meet harsh environment
  • Suitable for demanding environments
  • Many cable entries possibilities
  • Several earthing alternatives
  • May be used with a Ex e/i connection box
  • Window in lid/door may be fitted in IIB version
  • High operational reliability and cost efficiency, reduced lifetime maintenance costs

Explosion Protection

Ex II 2 G/D or 2(1)G/D and EPL Gb/Db
Ex db IIB +H2 T4 to T6 Gb
Ex db [ia] IIB +H2 T6 Gb
Ex tb IIIC T85 °C to 135 °C Db

Marking ATEX

INERIS 09ATEX9017U | Certificate
INERIS 09ATEX0061X | Certificate

Marking IECEx

IECEx INE 13.0001U | Certificate
IECEx INE 13.0088X | Certificate



(No reviews yet) Write a Review