EXguard® Mobile Gas Detection

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Product Overview


The EXguard® system is a further development of our TN2000-5 System, which is designed for use on refineries and onshore plants. The EXguard® system is especially designed for use during hot work operation for onshore and offshore installations for detection, alarm and shutdown in case explosive gases are present.


  • The standard MGD is delivered with 5 pcs IR HC gas detectors on cable drums with 40m cable, and 4 power outlets (total max. 16A) fitted on the unit
  • As an option, a separate PCU with larger power outlets (63Amps, 380-690VAC) can be provided

Explosion Protection

Ex protection control unit:
Ex II 2 G Ex dem IIC T4
Ex protection detectors:
Ex II 2 G Ex de IIC T6
Ex protection power unit:
Ex II 2 G Ex dem IIC T5

PRESAFE 17 ATEX 9500X | Certificate

IECEx PRE 14.0017X | Certificate




(No reviews yet) Write a Review